CMP: New Low Price, Upgraded Materials

Sight Glass Durability


CMP Price Reduction

Just over two years ago, Luneta introduced the Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP). Since that time, Luneta has been hard at work streamlining our manufacturing processes while also expanding the features in this one-of-a-kind inspection device.  We’re thrilled to announce that due to the unprecedented success of the CMP, we’ve been able to improve and refine its production process, and now we’re ready to pass those savings on to you, our customers! As of July 29th, we’ve permanently reduced the price of the CMP from $289 to $249, making comprehensive oil inspection accessible to even more facilities than ever.

To celebrate this achievement, we've decided to hold the first ever CMP sale from now through September 30, 2016. If you're on the fence, now's the time to try the CMP: this sale knocks an extra 20% off the new, lower price and lets you try this all-in-one inspection tool for an unprecedented $199!

CMP Sight Glass Upgraded

When Luneta began development of the Sight Glass, our primary goal was to address the weak points of existing 3-D sight glasses. According to reliability engineers and other experts around the globe, one of the primary flaws of 3-D sight glasses is their vulnerability to external impacts. Through research and experimentation, our engineers discovered Tritan copolyester, one of the most impact-resistant materials available, and perfected the process of manufacturing sight glasses from this resilient substance.

Now we’ve taken the logical next step with The Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP). Our engineers applied what we’d learned while designing the Sight Glass and redesigned the CMP’s sight glass, incorporating the same super-tough Tritan copolyester. We also took the opportunity to add structural reinforcement as well as Viton O-Rings to both the corrosion indicator and the magnetic plug to ensure a consistent seal. 

There’s never been a better time to buy a CMP – with its reduced price and upgraded materials, it’s a better value than ever before. Get yours today!