New Product: Condition Monitoring Pod

Condition Monitoring Pod
Luneta announces the launch of the Condition Monitoring Pod(CMP), a new multi-parameter inspection device modernizing and expanding daily lubricant inspections. This offering is part of a larger plan to roll out a series of innovative inspection-related products in the next few years. The CMP is a visible inspection window revealing critical health conditions of the lubricant and machine. Its proprietary design serves an unmet industry need, providing an improved method of inspecting the health of machinery without the need for laboratory analysis. The CMP boasts a robust platform of 16 capabilities (10 of which are uniquely exclusive to this innovative tool).   These along with other features deliver ultimate versatility:
  • Built-in oil sampling port
  • Easy-to-remove-and-view magnetic plug
  • Corrosion/ varnish inspection probe
  • Quick lubricant access point for syringe sampling
Best applications include gearboxes, bearing oil sumps, hydraulic reservoirs, compressor oil reservoirs, turbine-generator main oil tanks and paper machine central reservoirs. “We believe that Luneta has re-invented the sight glass by turning it into the focal point of machine condition monitoring,” said Luneta CEO Tom Fitch. “The Condition Monitoring Pod makes oil analysis as simple as performing daily machine inspections. A sight glass should not be limited to simple oil level inspections. Instead, with the CMP, an array of critical machine and lubricant conditions can be examined in just seconds. And, it signals the beginning of Luneta’s vision to enhance machine reliability through the development of groundbreaking inspection technologies.”