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Advanced Lubricant Condition Monitoring
The CMP is a multi-parameter inspection pod that greatly modernizes and expands lubricant condition monitoring. Best applications include gearboxes, sumps, reservoirs and low pressure systems where high levels of reliability are critical.


The CMP extends the capabilities of the traditional sight glass to enable so much more than just visual oil inspection. Oil sampling, magnetic plug, cross-hairs, and a quick lubricant point provide the ultimate in versatility.

Early Fault Detection

Early detection of machine faults and abnormal wear is key for machine reliability. The CMP enables daily inspections across numerous critical parameters and delivers a huge benefit over less frequent condition monitoring activities.

Takes Reliability to a Whole New Level

Imagine the power of having immediate feedback on the health of critical assets whenever you want. With Luneta's new Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) you can quickly view oil levels, view oil color (wrong oil, oil oxidation, etc.), detect surface foam and entrained air, inspect for wear debris, sediment and sludge, test for water contamination, detect corrosion and varnish, and much more.