Condition Monitoring Pod

*The Starter Kit includes a Tube Bender and an Oil Sampling Kit

Detect machine faults faster with the Condition Monitoring Pod. This multi-parameter inspection pod lets you quickly observe oil level, color and clarity, oil aeration and foaming, corrosion, varnish, wear debris and much more. You will quickly identify root causes and symptoms of failure that would have previously gone undetected.

We've now made the CMP even better than before. Our engineers have redesigned its sight glass to incorporate the same super-tough Tritan™ copolyester as the Luneta Sight Glass. We also took the opportunity to add Viton™ O-Rings to both the corrosion indicator and the magnetic plug to ensure a consistent seal.

  • 3D Sight Glass

    Condition Monitoring 3D Sight Glass

    Not only does the 3-D sight glass enable quick inspection for water emulsions, foam, sediment and bubbly oil, it can be easily removed for cleaning. Capability without complexity.

    Sample Port


    The built-in oil sampling valve lets you take live-zone oil samples without shutting down the machine. Because it's included, you don't have to purchase and install a separate sampling valve. Saves time and money.

    Magnetic Plug

    3D Sight Glass

    The included magnetic plug offers hands-free inspection. Dark oil? Just rotate the sight glass to move the magnetic plug above oil level or remove it for detailed inspection. It's quick glance condition monitoring at its best.

    Level Crosshairs

    3D Sight Glass

    Need precision oil level monitoring? Crosshairs ensure you know exactly where the oil level stands and makes what could be a vague inspection parameter much more accurate and streamlined.

    Issue Detection

    3D Sight Glass

    Now you can easily spot corrosion and varnish issues that would typically require opening the machine. The included inspection rod provides quick confirmation of corrosion suppression of oil-wet and non-oil-wet surfaces.

    Quick Access Point

    3D Sight Glass

    Remove the inspection rod to access the oil for your field tests like water contamination, dielectric constant, oil temperature, viscosity, blotter, surface tension and more. A quick syringe sample enables a variety of tests.

    More Applications for the Quick Access Point

    One of the CMP’s many features is its ability to quickly pull an active oil sample using a simple laboratory pipette or syringe. The sample can then be applied to a variety of field instruments, such as the FluidScan shown in the video clip above. The FluidScan is a portable infrared spectrometer that quickly analyzes many oil properties, including oxidation, water contamination and additive depletion. These portable instruments and field tests allow early detection of abnormal machine and lubricant health conditions to optimize predictive and proactive maintenance alerts.

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    • 2.75” x 3.18” x 3.5” (w x h x l)
    • Large acrylic sight glass with 1.4” diameter x 1.25” deep viewing area
    • Anodized Aluminum Body
    • Zinc plated Steel Adapter with assorted male pipe thread sizes
    • Stainless steel Pilot Tube bent to your specifications
    • Magnetic plug made of a powerful neodymium rare earth magnet
    • M16x2 Sample Port threads for attaching to vacuum pump and sample bottle
    • Viton O-Ring
  • Manual

    View the CMP Instruction Manual


    Watch the CMP Installation

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  Columnar Sight Glass Window Sight Glass 3D Sight Glass CMP
Accurate oil level detection
View oil level from multiple angles
Vent NOT required (risk of plugging and contamination ingression)
Ability to easily view oil color (wrong oil, oil oxidation, etc.)
Ability to detect oil surface foam and entrained air
Ability to detect emulsified water contamination by visual method
Includes a magnetic plug for easy, visual wear debris inspection
Includes convenient access to the magnet for cleaning and collection of particles for microscopic wear particle analysis
Includes trap for convenient collection and inspection of non-magnetic sediment and sludge
Includes a live-zone oil sampling valve
Includes an corrosion Indicator for quick confirmation of corrosion suppression of oil-wet machine surfaces
Includes an corrosion Indicator for quick confirmation of corrosion suppression of NON-oil-wet machine surfaces
Includes an corrosion Indicator for quick detection of varnish deposits
Access Port to enable easy syringe samples for simple field tests (blotter, surface tension, crackle test, etc.)
Access Port for portable instrument probe inspections (water contamination, dielectric constant, viscosity, etc.)
Quick-release of inspection bowl for easy cleaning

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