Customer Testimonials

"The Luneta conditioning monitoring pod is a fast, easy and accurate way to check the condition of your oil.  The pod utilizes a corrosion rod and a magnet that are both easily removable for inspection.  Other features include a large sight glass that is very easy to read and an oil sample port that can be used to pull oil samples from the proper location without making a mess or shutting the piece of equipment down.  It is very easy to install with the included detailed instructions.  I will be installing one on every critical piece of equipment in our plant. Thanks Luneta for taking the guess work out of the equation and making life easier." – Chris Castoe, MLT I Certified, Conestoga Energy

"I am glad I do not sell the old style 3D sight glasses.  The Condition Monitoring Pod is far superior to anything on the market and is going to be pretty hard to beat." – Mark O., Lubrication Excellence Champion, Boston, MA

“The CMP would be a great asset and add value to any reliability or lubrication program. Using them to monitor or track equipment oil levels, samples or conditions on critical equipment Could add great value and increase reliability.” – Large Paper Mill

“I have not found a tool that can be used on a piece of machinery that has so many quick machinery health checks in one unit.  Easy to install and it can be used by various departments for easy inspection of the equipment on a frequent basis.” – Large Cement Plant

“The PODS give our operators a quick and reliable visual representation of the lubrication levels in their machines while at the same time giving me an incredible access point to perform all of the sampling and testing that I do. Great Product!” - Gabe CLark | CITY OF CORVALLIS | Equipment Maintenance Technician

“Luneta’s products are made of durable, high quality materials.  These products have taken our lubrication monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance to the next level. Luneta’s customer service and tech support are TOP NOTCH!” - Colin Wilmering | CITY OF TULSA | Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor